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Snake Skin

Familiar in the uncomfortable again.

Time is the enemy here.

Who told you to be adaptable?

Nobody told you that going with the flow makes you crash into rocks?


It feels good to not breathe.

Oh I’ve seen this darkness before.

I remember it like the skin on my wrists remember the grip.

Long sleeves are itchy now.

My closet isn’t full though, I refuse to unpack.

I’m going to leave again because I can’t stay here in this snake skin.

I’ve shed and shed but they don’t wither away.

Long sleeves and high collars are itchy now.

But I’ve gotten used to this flow.

If I survived it once, I can do it again.

My 1 year of peace away from the chaos was splendid.

Time is the enemy here.

Why is every second so temporary?

I ask as I slither into my old snake skin, almost as a shield.

Linger. Please happiness, please linger.

I’m sorry for reverting, but I have to survive.

I survive in the familiar, the uncomfortable.

I’ve done it once, I can do it again.

by Bhavika Kapadia

I'm Vickie, she/her, 24 years old, Indian American, and like to rhyme! Addicted to music, Twitter, and webtoons.

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