Sometimes the Moon is the Sun

when darkness surrounds me

my eyes play with lenses to

adjust to my reality

the birds, like swallows

are replaced with owls and

the grass is humming with a cricket’s song

silent bats zoom through the air

and I am left standing there

who said life ends when the daylight fades

who gave all the loved activity to the sun

and left the moon all alone

with every phase

it lights the darkest crevice of my thoughts

awakening the fear of being misunderstood

yet cooling the wrath that boils within

she collaborates with mother earth

pulling in a grass hammock

forming its own memory of my body

the breeze curls around me

running its fingers through my kink

the stillness of the night reminds me I am still alive-

the moon shines brightest above the clouds

so shall my soul

by tanaya eyvette

My name is Tanaya, I live in St. Paul, MN! I am poet, writer, activist, and actress. I LOVE writing! Whether it's poetry, blogs, or just writing in my journal!

I am newly married (yay)! When I'm not spending time with my husband, I play with my pup Benji and my cat The Cat Formerly Known as Prince.


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