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Songs of the Caged

Do you know why the caged bird sings
Why it wastes its breath praying for the day where it will meet with whom it missed
Why it dreams of flying while it mends its broken wings
Tell me
Is its melody a somber tune
Or a triumph of everything it ever knew

Do you know why the caged bird sings
Maybe it’s because it knows that this place is not where it will finally rest
That eternity
For the good-hearted and the humble
Is the place where they have eased the ropes tightening around their chest

Do you know why the caged bird sings
Why it calls out for its mother
Who has carried the weight of four lives
The baggage spearing her heart like twenty knives

Do you think it knows that its patience can mend those holes
That paving way for a generation
Of better days
A revolution
A warning
A telling
That ease will follow all of this pain
A new tomorrow comes when it rains

Tell me
Why is it that the caged bird sings
Will time heal her troubles
When her land is sold to pay for books that will crumble her history into pebbles
Erased from the world
Never in existence
Does she hope that her song will hang in the wind
An orchestra illustrating a story of persistence

There it is
I hear it once more
Behind the demands of the protest
The chants of the people
Hanging overhead the soil that’s been softened with blood
Underneath the rubble that was our home but is now mud

I hear the caged bird singing
Perched on her chair
Singing so every note hangs in the air
She sings about a world where it doesn’t matter if I cover my hair
She tells us stories of a time where governments were concerned for the people 
Rather than who will be the next heir

She remembers a time when we cared for the earth
Land that was green
Rather than red dirt

If you want to know why the caged bird sings
Then you should look to the countries whose people are discovering their wings
There’s a shift in the air
A difference in smell
Sort of like when it rains

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by reperry

Hi! My name is Re, an aspiring poet, and a dreamer. For a good amount of the year, you'll find me wandering the streets of new york city looking for my next adventure. Here are a few things you should know about me before we start this friendship: I love coffee, but it makes me laugh at EVERYTHING. I sing a lot, but not well. I think writing well means placing your reader in a moment that is as real as it was when you imagined it, felt it, or lived it. I just got a new cat, but I promise I only have one.


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