Sound of Violins

Sound of Violins

Do you hear that in the background?
Sounds of harmony
Bows being drawn
Weigh being lifted
Being elevated
You imagine the world’s beauty
Like a painting
Soft ballads playing while you forget your thoughts as the minutes past
You loose yourself in the symphonies of emotion
The world is no where to be found
The sound of violins
The sound of violins
Oh, how I love that sound

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by Kmartina94

Hi my name is Katharyne Martina, I’m Dominican and Dutch. I’m a Poet and also an Aquarius. Writing has been an escape for me the last couple of years. When I’m in a place of darkness, gratitude, anxiety, happiness etc. writing always come into play. Writing is only time I’m the most transparent because that’s when my feelings are turned into art through words. Red my pieces by following on IG @KATHARYNEPOETRY

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