Sparking the Brain

Sparking the Brain

My body sparks the brain 

Sparks when i speak

Sparks Electricity all through my feet,
Insane these words spewing
Out the mouth
Can create a reaction from the body

Here I go, here I go again
Trying to decline the thoughts
When i say thoughts,
I’m not talking about brain juice
Leaking from the brain

“These thoughts are LOUD voices!”

Voices I hear in my sleep
Voices nobody can understand
They mumble like a glitchy voicemail
They always affect my next day

My next day I hop in a car
My next day I drink a bottle

Drink a bottle and forget 

“I can’t drive this car.”

I drive this car
Now my body is numb
Numb from the brain down
Numb from the spark to the brain.


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