Speak Now: What I Learned from Getting Tested for COVID

So, today I got tested for Covid. My father tested positive for Covid so I decided I should get tested too despite not showing symptoms. Thankfully, my father is doing great; he’s regained his sense of taste and he’s only had a mere head cold. I’m grateful he’s doing well especially since he’s a sixty-four-year-old smoker. Anyway, I made an appointment yesterday and drove down to my Covid testing location today.

When I arrived, I heeded to the security guard and parking aide’s instructions. They told me everything’s been steady and it shouldn’t take too long. I parked in my respective parking spot and they told me someone come will get me. Okay, cool. Not bad. I waited patiently in my car, occupying myself with games on my phone. I glanced up every so often to see if the people next to me have been taken care of. Nope, they hadn’t.

An hour passed until I became weary of what’s going on.  The people in my parking row haven’t budged. Anger boiled in my blood as I got out of my car to search for someone to ask what the heck is going on. Another woman around my age was wondering what was happening too. We found the same parking aide and he shared that they’re being slammed and the walk-ins were being taken care of first. It should take another half hour before being seen. Umm, what? Upon hearing this, I was livid. Why are the walk-ins being taking precedence over the people who have appointments? The man parked next to me made his appointment two weeks in advance! This was absurd!

I contacted the county and complained about the incompetence of my testing location. They were very polite and assured me they will get it taken care of. Shortly after making the call, the parking aide took us to be seen. Everyone thanked me for complaining. Even the aide thanked me, saying he hopes more people complain. I was happy I spoke on everyone’s behalf. That’s when it hit me: everyone was afraid to voice their complaints except me. Indeed, those thoughts have crossed my mind in the past but it hit hard for me right then and there.

Why are people afraid to speak up nowadays? Even voicing a complaint has become difficult for some people. My advice to anyone who’s reading this is to speak up. Whether you have a terrible boss who mistreats you, a co-worker who’s rude to you if you’re waiting ten minutes and you still haven’t received your order at a fast-food restaurant, or even a loved one who says or does something that bothers you. It can be difficult but your voice deserves to be heard. Instead of waiting for someone to speak up, be the person who speaks up. Nothing will get done if people stay silent. Be the voice for the people who haven’t gained their voices. Your voice matters. I can assure you, life will be easier if you speak up.

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