spiral of roses

plunging into a world of green
plucking from inside of me
three hundred billion lights alive
the naked eye afraid to breathe  

how does she align perfectly?
spiral arms above me, extending to greet
peculiar, enticing, stunning- I stand beneath
deeply gazing into a stream of wishful thinking 

cosmic truth near enough to see
starred evolution in the mind of the sky
you left me to black
a hole of emptiness to spilt into two
I wish I had known you

by Jaskiran

Jaskiran means Ray of Light. I am on a journey of love and light, and writing reflects all that I am inspired by. Each poem I write, each story is guided by spirit, and has its own ray of color to shed. I trust in the power of the Universe and that each of us are balls of energy, one day we will all immerse and burst into a symphony. It's magic.

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