Spiritual Awakening

Right before my eyes

As I am standing in front of them

I knew something was wrong

Something was not right


What was considered normal

Did not sound normal to me anymore

I felt like I could not conform

In this world that we live in


Everything has stayed the same

Nothing has changed

As everyday goes by 

I could not stare at anyone anymore


I do not know how people live like this

This world that we live in

What we are doing is not normal

It makes me question why?


Why are we living this way?

I ask myself this everyday

As I am thinking about this

I am having a spiritual awakening

by vcgregorio

Valerie Gregorio is a recent graduate with a Master's in Business Administration from the University of Maryland, Global Campus. She also graduated from St. Mary's College of Maryland with a major in Public Policy and minors in Political Science, Sociology, and Dance. She currently works full-time remotely. Valerie's work has been featured on the Odyssey Online, Metiza Magazine, and Her Culture. She previously served as a Social Media Manager for both Her Culture and Her Track online magazines. She also serves as a Policy and Advocacy Committee Member with Not My Generation. During her spare time, she likes to write, dance, listen to music, watch the news, and visit coffee cafes. Even though she is from rural Maryland, she is always consider a DC city girl since she likes to explore the city when she gets the chance.

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