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Spring Cleaning

My mind is dusty and in need

Of spring cleaning.

Shelves of unused ideas,

Paper cuts from the books

I never had time to write, and

Thousands of memories

Leave stains on my hands

Like broken glass.

Whenever I try to pick up the pieces

To throw them away

I bleed even more.


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by nikiborghei

Niki Borghei is a dedicated writer, artist, and bibliophile from Los Angeles. She is currently a college student pursuing studies in comparative literature and classical civilizations. Her short story "Silent Words" was published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt when she was seventeen. A year prior to that, her poem "Spring Rain" was published in the Heritage Roses New Zealand Journal. While she currently focuses on shorter works of fiction and nonfiction, she plans to experiment with longer works of creative writing in the near future.

Apart from writing, Niki revels in the archaic arts of bookbinding and calligraphy. She is also passionate about learning languages, and has thus far gained proficiency in Persian, Ancient Greek, Latin, and Korean.

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