Star-Crossed: Not A Love Story

We were in love once,

But never at the same time.

We were eighteen and I had him.

Then we were nineteen and you had her.

The summer before, I had lost him.

Time marched on.

We loved other people,

And then you left the country for new opportunities.

While you were gone,

We both loved and lost some more.


I always joked that the stars didn’t align for us.

Even still, words flowed between us.

Letters floating through cyber-space.

Thoughts tinged with unspoken love.

Love we half-acknowledged.

Love that wouldn’t, couldn’t, “be”.


In one of my last letters, I wrote:

“I think I will always be a little bit in love with you.”

And then I got married to the love of my life.


I have him now,

And you have her.

This is the way it has always been, and should be.

But maybe…

In another life, another time…

I had you,

And you had me.

[Author’s note: For the one I will always wonder about.]

Author: Janelle Shin
Email: jgboiser@gmail.com
Author Bio: Janelle is 29, recently married, and suffers from chronic existential crises. In her writing, Janelle explores the complex topic of “Creating a beautiful life” – she discusses the significance of building healthy relationships, reflects upon what makes this life tragic and divine, and encourages the pursuit of activities that inspire wonder and creativity (her favorites are reading, writing, sewing, and learning).
Link to social media or website: http://www.instagram.com/she.writes.for.good,


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