Star Keeper

Girl, when will you learn
that you are the
keeper of your own stars?

You don’t need
a miracle
or a man
or a following
to be worthy of
their light.

You keep them.
You let them free.
You and you alone
decide when and where
and for whom they will shine.

Let them shine for yourself
instead of dimming
them in the wake
of his agonizing absence.

You are the keeper,
the worthy, capable keeper,
of your unstoppable stars.

Don’t waste your power
wishing on the
extinguished ashes
of the dead star he
tried to claim.

by Lindsay Detwiler

Lindsay Detwiler is a high school English teacher and a USA TODAY Bestselling author with HarperCollins/One More Chapter. Her debut thriller, The Widow Next Door, is an international bestseller. Her second novel, The One Who Got Away, released in February with One More Chapter/HarperCollins. Her latest novel, The Diary of a Serial Killer's Daughter, has been called "dark, unique, and a must-read in the thriller genre."

Lindsay is married to her junior high sweetheart. She prides herself on writing about genuine, raw emotions for the modern woman.


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