Starting My Career Over…Again

Upon graduating high school my sights, and heart, were set on becoming a radio star! The moment registration opened I had applied for the program, and celebrated when I was accepted. This was it! My dream was coming true, my family was so proud of me.

Reality hit on the very first day at college; it was not at all what I dreamed of or had heard. But regardless of the outcast status I gained due to not fitting in with the class, I still fought tooth and nail for that diploma. All the hard work paid off; I had landed a job in a major market station. It was small-time work at first, but by gosh I was determined to impress. I always offered up my time and energy to any department I could, never saying no to anything anyone needed of me. After a year, I decided to approach my boss about doing full-time on air work, the dream job. I presented my demo tape taken from overnight shift work and awaited to hear about my change in status. It turns out natural talent in radio is not smiled upon…it is seen as a threat to others in the business. With that came jealous co-workers, and soon I was once again an outcast, only this time it was escalating. Soon the rumours started, people tried to get me fired, no one would even speak to me. Radio became the worst place to be. So with a broken heart and spirit, I left the radio business for good. And I never looked back.

It took nine months, but I finally settled on trying my hand at office work. Somehow I had the right stuff for administration work and was not shunned or called dirty names over having a strong work ethic or strong skill set. My co-workers and bosses adore me and saw a bright future should I choose to follow this path.

And yet I find myself wondering……is it what I want? Sure, I have what I need, same thing everyone does, a steady job and steady income. I have the respect of both past and present employers who hold me in high regard. But is it enough? I did not really consider any other options for employment when I left radio, and I couldn’t afford to go back to school at the time. After radio, I saw college as the biggest waste of time, effort and money. Why go back when this is so easy?

Yet lately in my heart I know this is not where I was meant to be forever. After an event with my favorite author it became apparent that I am meant to follow my passion, and it has always been books. I thoroughly researched about the business, spoke with many in the library world, the programs across Canada, the costs, looked into the librarian job market itself, the impacts of changing careers when I have come so far as an administrator.

Do I dare try to start my career over for the second time in my life? Will I get burned again? Will I suffer the same way I did with radio? Should I stay where it’s comfortable? Do I take the leap of fate?

I’m at the edge and I look back at all I have done in life.

And I jump.


Author: Kassie Yacyshyn
Email: kassiey13@hotmail.com
Author Bio: I’m a hardcore book dragon trying to make it in this crazy world! I believe we all have what it takes to forge our own path. We only need to be brave enough to do it. I’m currently finding my dream career, and building my life as a strong independent woman.

Photo by Riki Ramdani on Unsplash


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