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The summer after graduating from college, I met this guy. He was a good person, but there was always something about the way he spoke to me and the way that he watched me speak to him.  He was judgmental and stubborn. It felt like he wanted me to be something I couldn’t. He’s no longer a part of my life…and I’m more me than ever before.



i  could  tell that he wanted to mold me

but  he didnt seem to know

that i was less like clay

and more like stone

see its not that i am hard

or that i am cold

but i know who i am

i wont just do as im told



Author: Holly Bowes
Email: hollybowes78@gmail.com 
Author Bio: My name is Holly, but you can call me ilekso. I enjoy writing poetry, being by the lake, and connecting with others. I have music playing almost every second of the day. It’s the thing that I love most. I am here to help those who need it, while spreading joy, positivity and love.
Link to social media or website: https://ilekso.com



by Holly Bowes

in july of 1877, a man named L.L. Zamenhof created a language called Esperanto, which translates to “one who hopes”. he wished to bring those from different countries together and create peace among them. during the first world war, a territory composed of many Esperanto speakers was referred to as “an oasis in a desert of destruction.”

in the peaceful language of Esperanto, ilekso means holly. i stumbled upon Esperanto a few years ago while translating my name into different languages, as one does when desperately trying to create a new username for social media. the history and the meaning behind the language fit seamlessly with my beliefs, my goals, and my practices. and so my new identity was born.

i have come to realize that my purpose in this world is to care for others and to create my own sort of oasis, a space that is safe for everyone to express themselves freely and feel significant in their own lives. i am consumed each day by the joy and love and beauty in the world, and i am determined to spend the rest of my life trying to spread it around to anyone who needs it.

i am ilekso.


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