Stop Fat and Body Shaming: Enough is Enough!

Fat shaming and body shaming in general has gotten to be pretty bad. I’m not sure what prompts people to make comments under the guise of caring about someone’s health, but it’s exhausting simply trying to exist in the world as a fat person sometimes.

Either you are fetishized or you’re looked at as if you’re some kind of disgusting white head that is about to ooze all over society.

So many people telling perfect strangers on the internet to exercise, to eat less, or stop being fat to find a mate. As if, first and foremost, the only way to be fulfilled in life is to have a romantic partner.

Also, if a fat person makes a video and posts it somehow they’re “promoting obesity” simply for existing. They’re not allowed to have a safe space where they can be happy, or joke around, or just be silly. They don’t have a safe space simply to be.

Thin people trying to take over the body positivity movement is exhausting, as well, especially when they use “fat” as an insult to themselves and their bodies. My body type isn’t disgusting nor an insult. I’m fat, I’ve struggled with my weight all my life. I come from a family of people who are on the bigger side, and the only time I was thin was when I was a kid.

I was bullied in middle school and developed an eating disorder because of the way people laughed and stared at me when I was trying to eat my lunch at lunch time. I ate zebra cakes and drank iced tea for months until I saw that I was hurting my hair. I became a closet eater, and only ate the salad bar eating as fast as I could so no one would watch me eating.

I still struggle with people watching me eat until this very day, and I can’t eat around others unless we all have food.

It’s as if people cannot accept that fat people exist. As if they’re different body types in the universe that differ from theirs. Some people can be fit and fat, you can be fat and healthy, and the BMI index isn’t only outdated but it has always been inaccurate. It wasn’t even invented by using science or consulting doctors, and it factors in only white European men.

Stop telling people how to live their lives, stop shaming people for existing. Fat people are not villains despite the depictions of them in popular literature and television programs, they are not the bridesmaids but never the brides or the groomsmen and never the groom, they are not a punchline or side-kicks. They are the authors of their own stories, and fat people deserve to be respected and treated with basic human dignity.

We should be able to go to a doctor should there be a health problem, and not be turned away and told simply to lose weight. You never know what is going on in someone’s life, and it costs nothing to be kind.


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