Stunted Love

The First Time 

it was a conversation I thought we could have

we are living in different times

our bodies are intertwined


it was a conversation you didn’t like

me for yourself; that’s what you wanted


it started


vibrating in my ear

words that loud – they have no meaning

my mind tried to leave but

you kept my body stuck


Unfamiliar Touch

those hands had touched me many times

this time it was different

no warmth – foreign

how had these hands touched me before?


Can I Stay?

your fears;

they sound like mine.

so familiar and old as time.

your mouth says you are sorry.

your eyes show it too.

my fears say worry.

my heart feels that your words;

they must be true.



I let you stay in

you can be steady

you can be sweet

I could never be ready

for the next you that I would meet


The Second Time 

pay attention to me

who cares? none of that stuff is important.

don’t leave.

that hurt my feelings. was it worth it?


from my  weightless head on your chest

to the wight of your hands on my wrists


why are you lying?

where are you going?

you don’t want to be with me?

you’re tired of me now, huh?



why would I lie?

I want to stay here.

I would never get tired of you.

I’m sorry.

do you forgive me?



I am sorry I can’t stay

I don’t think I believe in you anymore

that is what I would say

could he forgive me

for the way I left that day?


reminders hurt

my book

it sits on your counter

your hands

represented on my arm as if I am labeled by you


no concerns

are you worried too?

what could be the consequences of our actions?

a possible blessing

from a fatal attraction.



babe we can fly pretty high

babe we can crash and burn

babe we can lose sight

babe we can return

babe I am sorry

babe I changed my mind

babe I am not yours

babe you are not so kind



as I explained

from me, confusingly, came a laugh

what I was feeling

it could not really be true

what happened

it was not the you i knew



a life with you;

how could that be fair?


not unfair to you and I;

but to the one between us.


the love we shared;

it was not healthy.


but our love could be steady.

you could grow up strong.

what if I am not ready?

what if I am so wrong?

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by sarita94

I document my reality through pictures + words

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