How to keep going on?
First, breathe.
Breath is life in the purest sense,
and though this may weigh heavily on your conscience,
you must
One step at a time and always forward,
though the pain may tear at your heart,
this too is a part of the flow of
the Universe.
But never forget to look back,
for even the tiniest pieces of a faded image can live on
In us,
And you are allowed to let your tears run over as you remember.
Finally, rest, you who are weary
but Rise again and again into
the Unknown
which can be frightening
Recognize that the stardust of this world
Made you
And though you are lost,
your Light will help you find your path

by LunadeYemaya

I've always been fascinated with words. As a Boricua and a descendant of peoples with a strong oral tradition, I suppose it was only natural that I fell into writing. My poetry is inspired by whatever strikes me, and my stories are all fantasy.

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