Supposed To Be

The words struggle to form
Breaking like soap bubbles
From a gentle touch
And they sink into the rubble
That your mind is making

The anxiety is suffocating
As it works on illuminating
Troubles that aren’t in the making

Scenarios play out
Like fanatic movie scenes
The ‘what if’s’ and uncertainties
Now on a big screen
And it’s drowning you

Time to fight back
To start the attack
Find what you feel you lack

You wish to revive your inner self
Her strength, grace, and wit
Locked away in a cage
But you’re biting at the bit
And you’ll take the key from your anxiety

Set yourself free
From the insanity
Of what you’re ‘supposed’ to be

by KemberLloyd

I am a 28 yeard old writer living in London, Ontario, Canada. Since I was a kid, I've always enjoyed writing poems and capturing emotions in worded images. Favourite books and poems have shaped how I write and what I like to write about.


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