Suspect Is The New Black.

Curtain—our black cloth dermis obscures our very identity—our humanness—our light. Our black cloth dermis offers no proof, no truth, and no evidence of a worthy existence.

So when the word ‘suspect’ crackles on the radio—dances and animates itself onto the middle of my television screen, as if it’s on a disco floor. When the word suspect is the only thing covered in white—letters so pure and innocent. I turn off the TV—back to inanimate black—my reflection—I suspect the blue and white jargon has stole my only light and life.

by SiennaLM

Born in North Carolina, Sienna Morgan is a fresh name in the poetry community, but her name is positively here to stay. With an admonishing, tactful and scripture-esque style of writing, she is sure to captivate. Topics such as bullying, faith and mental health, are at the heart of her work.

At the present time, she is pursuing a career in the Parks and Recreation field, because adding value to the lives of those around her with enthusiasm and creativity is her passion! You can check out her newest Editor's Pick pieces titled "Color In Mind" and "This Brown Sings", in the recently released 2020 anthology called , "Colorism Healing Writing Contest 2020".

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