swan song

I used to think you wasted my time, that the weeks we spent together were nothing more than hours spent with quickened heartbeats for the wrong reasons

Breakups are like that — leaving empty-handed, getting mugged at the grocery store, handing over everything for the sake of not being stabbed in the chest

It’s the adrenaline rushing through you as the final moments are upon you and you know this is goodbye forever, it’s the pleading to be friends despite knowing you were never even that because I never knew your middle name 

And that’s the hardest part — canceling the credit cards after the robbery, looking at the glass shattered picture frames and throwing them under your bed, buying everything new so you don’t have to be reminded of the trauma 

Thanking god, the universe, that you never stepped foot into my bedroom


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by writerinthedark

Sabryn Jones is an aspiring poet/writer who dreams of being published and reaching an audience. Graduating high school in 2017, she is currently a university student. She has a past in slam poetry and fictional writing.

When not writing, you can often find her at the local movie theatre for a double feature with her family and friends.

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