Art is more to me than a paintbrush touching a piece of paper or a canvas. It starts from within. It starts with something, for me usually a feeling that you just need to get out. This feeling can at times be very hard to define, but I believe the common denominator always is the wish to touch someone’s heart, to speak to their inner core without uttering a word. Art can do just that. It speaks across borders, gender, race and religion. The world often wants to teach that being creative should encompass all these rules and regulations and a certain way to go about things. My feeling is that some of the joy of creating has been taken away in doing so. And it doesn’t gel very well with my outlook on art. Art should be fun. It should make you let go, dream and fantasize about greater things o...


Johanna Ekström for Harness Magazine When I illustrate, my main source of inspiration is the female body, and what kinds of expressions are considered beautiful, or even accepted, for women. I want to create a visualisation of girls and women that is a wider representation of bodies, and my dream is to inspire and empower all women, no matter their background.                                                 Author: Johanna Ekström Email:


RUIN IS THE ROAD TO TRANSFORMATION Photographer: Irene Ferri – Models: Marcella Faraci | Gisele da Silva Pattacini Wardrobe Stylist – MUA: Martina Lanzi Location: Officine Meccaniche Reggiane – Mechanical Workshops of Reggio Emilia (Italy) About the location: The factory was founded in 1901 in Reggio Emilia and has become very famous as Italian aircraft manufacturer during World War II. After several takeovers by different groups, it has been abandoned in 2008. Plenty of street artists have converged in the buildings over time and painted its walls; the location has been shot in renowned movies and music videos too. Today, the factory has been left alone, mainly inhabited by homeless people. Regardless of the obvious urgency to take control of the situa...


Every painting session for me is a life lesson. It’s my subconscious guiding me towards what it wants me to change in my world view. This particular watercolor sketch, created while sitting on a windowsill in Paris, amidst a heat wave, was a huge breakthrough. Perhaps it’s a realization, to which all almost 40-year-olds arrive. It’s quite amazing, however, to witness it manifest itself while painting. I guess I call it “letting go.” I tried so hard to measure out axis and relational positioning. I was mindful of perspective and the direction of all lines. Yet, there’s always room for human error. Your hand wants to keep going, not constantly stop for the math to catch up. Therefore, there were tons of mishaps, tons of re-dos and not having an eraser drove me insane. I gue...


Hi, my name’s Rebecca Fahey. I’m a 20-year-old illustrator from Ireland. My work is inspired by pop culture and our obsessions with commercialized products and mass media. I create humorous and intense depictions of our reality. I always found humanity’s self-obsession of themselves, what they must be and social pressure so interesting, so I always incorporate it into my work. I use bright colors to enhance the visual experience of my work. My work “LABELS” is a representation of our obsession with brands but also labeling ourselves. As humans, we have a drive to learn, understand and find recognizable patterns of most things even to the tiniest details. We stamp labels to separate our understandings. But in some cases, it causes some form of segregation and perplexity. I created thi...


The inspiration for the illustrations comes from the desire to disrupt mainstream media and everyday social injustice. There are so many lies that we as a society are led to believe, especially regarding gender. Over the past few years I’ve learned so much about social justice and wanted unmask and interrogate some of these untruths. It’s fun to draw and good practice to try identify one thing each day that might be a lightbulb moment for someone else. The zine “Recipes for Self Love” is made up of contributions from other women on the topic of practicing self love. Women submit a written piece or visual representation of how they manage to practice self love in a world that wants them to hate themselves. I pair artists with the written pieces and put the book together to print...


To Be a Woman Alone at Night Crocodiles have a strong grip and teeth that cut, but they can’t hurt you if you avoid the watering hole.   That is why I never walk alone at night; Crocodiles walk on two legs after dark.   To Be a Woman Alone at Night, Part II Why do you not carry your keys between your knuckles in a dark parking lot, or check the backseat of your car before you get in?   Because you are not a woman.   Author: Emily Byrnes Author Email: Author Bio: Emily Byrnes is a mental health advocate/dog mom/feminist/writer from New York’s capital region. You can check out her Instagram page for more of her work. Link to social media or website: Instagram @emilybyrnes_  


This project was inspired by “home.” We wanted to embody high fashion with a homey / even a neighborhood type of feel. We shot various looks with the lovely Evie Williams with Click – Re:Quest Models NYC. One of my favorite looks was Evie modeling her Onepiece raincoat. It was just such a staple piece for this shoot. I always try to capture the realness / rawness of the project + of the person. Those candid + natural moments are the best of moments! Author: Maria Doka Author Email: Link to social media or website:, Wardrobe Credits: Zara Blouse + Denim Calvin Klein Bralette Onepiece Raincoat, Zara Top, Urban Outfitter Baseball Cap Forever 21 Duster + Thrifted Blouse Model: Evie Williams W/ C...


Nneka Gigi is a visual artist and doctoral student residing in Los Angeles, California. In April of 2017 she released her debut collection titled “Amaka”; a name that pulls from her West African roots. The Ready to Wear collection features custom painted jackets and skateboards, a short film, a digital magazine and more. Take a look at the full collection at Q: What inspired the collection? A: Not in any particular order: Japanese street fashion, manga comics, 90s style colorways, political issues of personal interest, and of course the diverse culture that happily infects Los Angeles. Flip through the Digital Zine HERE. Q: Why West? Why California? A: Growing up in a neighborhood that constantly tested my ability to make good decisions and see myself beyond what I thought w...


Ever since I was a child I knew that my career path was not destined for your everyday trade. I would come home from school with a new extreme idea of what I wanted to be; I can still see the look on my dad’s face when I radically decided I wanted to be a DJ. Obviously, that dream didn’t take flight so I chose something even more fit for a parent’s nightmare: an artist. And this time I actually stuck with it. I’m now in my final year of doing a Visual Art degree with no regrets thus far. My art is inspired by the concept of identity; we all have our own stories, backgrounds, and individual quirks. I try to capture this in subtle ways that can be depicted by the viewer through their own understanding of what it means to be them. Author: Sharn Hodgson Email:


I started writing poetry, or writing, because it kinda felt like I had to in order to stay a little bit more sane, as an outlet I guess, to put down even things that I didn’t quite understand. I also like to admire other people’s beauty and how special they are. I love reading and finding poems I can relate to, just like songs. I started writing when I was around 15 and ever since then I carry a journal with me all the time, just in case; it’s become part of my life now and I love it. Pictures & dust. (Transcript: There was love but there was also desperation and youth. So much youth. There was an enormous desire to give it all without knowing it could empty me in a second. It was unknown territory but it felt so warm and when you held me close when you traced my face, I lo...


You had a Bud Light in your hand and I had an X on mine. Our eyes met each other the second you walked through the door and in that moment I knew. Our love started in a bar but was only active in bedrooms or secrecy. My heart broke everytime I had to leave you because I always wanted more. You talked about going back home and you lit a flame inside my heart. I dreamed about going back with you and feeling the air fill my lungs like you always told me about. You blew out the flame every other weekend because you’d remind me of all of my flaws and take out your sadness on me. I always let you because I thought being sad together was better than apart. I kept a suitcase packed for the nights I needed to stay somewhere else. You always invited me back so I would never go far. I woke up t...

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