This New Year is the Same You, Just with Newer Capabilities —The term “New Year, New Me” often is thrown around from corner to corner, but lands in the same place every time. Our bad habits make turns, our trauma leads the way, and dirt covers up the truths we hide from the people we love the most. Why? That’s because though we might choose to start over every year, we are not perfect. Nor can we believe we are, or ever will be. There can be no permanent “new” in the lives we have lived, unless God intervenes. This year do not put pressure on yourself to be new, but rather renew your abilities to be better. Build a habit, so they can be long lasting, not short lived. This year is the renewal of your abilities to grow into a new skin that is boundless. This is what to anticipate of the next...


A new year is upon us. And even though, yes, we get the opportunity to start every single day anew, there is something special and energizing about launching into a brand new calendar year.  Ahh: New Year’s Resolutions. Some people mock them. Some people flock to them. Some people roll their eyes at them. Some people revel in them. Some people fall off the bandwagon. Some people succeed beyond their wildest dreams. And… some people don’t even think twice about the whole darn thing. I’m simply here to let you in on my New Year’s tradition. I started it at the beginning of 2016 and it has been transformative. It’s also is rather simple.  Instead of setting a traditional goal, or a set of goals (which don’t get me wrong, I LOVE GOALS) – for the New Year, I set a broad intent...

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