Takes-No-Bullshit Woman

One thing that inspires me is meeting a strong, takes-no-bullshit woman. Those who are not afraid of speaking out. Fearless and powerful, these are women who light up a room with the magnetic energy we all should have. 


At the same time, these women have a positive, yet different impact on people. We won’t be liked by everyone, so why even try? Let’s be our pure self. 


In my opinion, being a takes-no-bullshit woman is all about confidence and being real. As easy as believing in yourself, moving and dressing exactly the way you envision yourself.  


I’m still working on my confidence, and doubting is part of life. It makes me feel something… alive. Therefore acceptance is key. Being aware we‘re a whole package (humans in general are) and that package is super awesome; it demands to be spoken about with respect. 


Open your heart and release your spirit. Think things through and have fun with your decisions. 

Amplify the most realistic version of yourself. 



Author: Michelle Gonzalo
Email: thepurefreckles@gmail.com
Author Bio: I’m Michelle Gonzalo, Venezuelan, journalism student , creator of Purefreckles.com and passionate for all forms of expression.
Link to social media: Instagram @thepurefreckles 


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