Taking The Leap Into Entrepreneurship


If you are at the phase where you are just playing around with an idea that feels like it could be something actually real, but are stuck on the roller coaster of emotion of what that means…I suggest you keep reading.

So you have an idea? You know you are onto something. You know this idea is going revolutionize the way women manage their work, approach their relationships, or maybe even enhance their personal lives.

What’s the next step? You have to actually tackle this idea…turn your idea into something tangible. Let’s cut to the chase, this step my friend is the hardest. That’s because one minute you are pulling over your car to write down your latest way to promote your concept while the next you are talking yourself out of following your passion…it is absolutely crazy to pursue this.

Welcome to my life the last 6 months. I’ll admit I’m not the most decisive person in the world (why would anyone ever pick the first thing on the menu?), but ultimately I came to a decision. If I didn’t at least try to go after what I personally find an incredible resource and time saver, I would probably be more upset with myself if said incredible resource and time saving tool fails.

While I can’t claim expert status as I’m still in the infancy stages myself (or let’s go with pre-birth) I can offer some tips to anyone who is starting to toy with the idea of heading down the path of entrepreneurship and is questioning their mental state basically every day.

1. Wrestling the pros and cons of starting your own business will most likely induce insanity if done alone. Discussing your idea with a trusted friend, family member or partner is mandatory. Chose someone who won’t go easy on you. Let the hard questions be asked, and if you don’t know the answer, RESEARCH. This leads me to my next point…

2. The amount of time spent reading, learning and researching should probably dominate your life for a couple months before you are ready to take any actions. Your brain will probably explode a couple times and you will once again say to yourself…this is totally insane, what am I doing? When that happens, keep reading and researching. You are literally at the tipping point. Once you actually start to take action on your idea, you will find yourself researching even more. How else will you learn to tackle a roadblock?

3. Get un-comfy. With this, I mean get used to the idea that you will have to reach out to people you don’t know or maybe that are your second cousin’s college roommate’s daughter. No matter how outgoing you are, there is going to come a point where you would just rather not put yourself out there. When this moment happens you have to ask yourself the same question you did when you decided to go down this path anyway…are you comfortable with the idea of knowing what would have happened if you had not?

For a long time, I always thought that starting your own business meant you were a seasoned veteran of the corporate world and you knew your way around all the hiccups and challenges you would be facing. What I’m learning is forging your own path can really only be done by the people who are incessantly curious and recognize that they don’t know all the answers. To go down this path, you must be willing to take the time to learn, put yourself out there, and admit to yourself that you are ok with being wrong and yikes, potentially failing.

So after taking all this into consideration, this idea is still shining bright as ever. I would say you have the determination to truly attempt pulling this one off. The pre-work can be very difficult; some say that it’s the hardest part. To be determined…

What I do know is that the emotional aspect of getting started can be incredibly taxing. So if you are at the highest part of the roller coaster heading for the big drop, know that at the bottom it curves back up. Keep your person who you confided in from the beginning on speed dial, never think you know all answers and get comfortable with getting uncomfortable. We know that this is going to be HARD, but have a little faith. Once you get to the place where you are conceptualizing your idea to others, you will find support in places you didn’t know you had, and believe it or not people will want to help! When this happens, you’ll be back on that roller coaster, only heading full steam for the top. Lastly, remind yourself that no matter what happens, success or failure, you took this risk because you knew you would be happier knowing at least you tried.

Author: Darby Asner
Instagram: onrussellstreet
Website: onrussellstreet.com
Email: info@onrussellstreet.com


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