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Teenear discusses the biggest risk she’s taken, why she wants to be a good role model to young girls and positivity. 

Women from all different walks of life contribute to Harness Magazine. On rare occasions, we come across women who are pursuing a dream that is quite extraordinary.

Take Teenear, for instance: a young urban pop singer from Miami. When she was 15-years-old, her parents encouraged her to upload her cover of “Stay” by Rihanna to YouTube. Soon after, she signed on to Slip-n-Slide Records (the label worked with the likes of Rick Ross, Trina and Plies) and released singles with accompanying music videos. One of them, “Friday Night,” even featured Sage the Gemini.

The song, an empowered anthem (peep the lyric: “Tonight I’m doin’ me”)  is about a girl who doesn’t need a man on a Friday night and is about to kick it with her friends, instead.

“Whenever I’m writing anything or recording I want to make sure everything I’m saying is something a lot of people can relate to,” stated Teenear. She said this song, relates to trying to forget about a person who may have hurt us.

As she travels between Miami (where she is inspired by the artists doing what they love and “spreading it to the world”) and Los Angeles, her family and friends remain solid support systems.

“Whenever I put out music they’re always the first people to hear it. I really value their opinion because I wouldn’t be able to continue doing what I do without them, their support has been amazing,” Teenear said.

Though her aspirations are particularly unique, Teenear is a sweet, confident and ambitious young woman – just like so many of our Harness contributors and readers. She also made quite a sacrifice to pursue her dream.

Teenear was offered a full-ride scholarship to go to college in Los Angeles for musical theatre.

“At the time, I had just recorded Friday Night and I had to make the decision whether to work in Miami and take online classes, or go to college,” she said.

She chose Miami and said it was the biggest risk she’s ever taken, but has no regrets.

“It’s a blessing that I think will pay off,” Teenear added.

And what does that pay-off look like to Teenear?


“Success is when I am 100 percent happy with everything I’ve done,” Teenear said. “I feel like I’ve made it when people look up to me as someone who helped them and got them through a difficult situation.”

It is especially important for Teenear to present herself as a radiant role model.

“Young people, especially young girls, can look up to me as inspiring, someone they want to follow,” she said. “Right now, in this generation, it’s hard to find who you are and actually be who you are, and that’s something I want to inspire other girls to do.”

Teenear added that “they don’t have to do what everyone else is doing,” and to instead “do what you love.”

She, too, follows this mantra by being an authentic and real version of herself.


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“I’m not trying to be anything I’m not,” Teenear said happily. “If you like me you like me, if you don’t I guess you don’t!”

This may be harder than it sounds, as Teenear is working in a male-dominated industry, yet she sees it as new possibility, rather than a setback.

“Right now, there’s this open spot for a female to take the spotlight,” Teenear said. “No one has taken it— I don’t see it as a downfall as being male dominated, I see it as an opportunity to take that spot.”

Teenear also sees it as a moment for her to “work hard” and for people to recognize that though men control an aspect of music, “there’s Teenear, and she’s doing her thing.” Which, makes sense: Teenear defines herself by positivity, and “seeing the best out of everything, no matter the situation.”

For now, Teenear has records and videos set to be released soon. She hopes – 5 years from now – to have two Grammys, be on tour, “having fun, living life and doing what I love.”

Though she describes her future goals with a light heart, it’s clear she absolutely plans to achieve them.

Teenear’s advice to women and girls:

Believe in yourself. Put yourself out there. Take risks, if it’s scary you never know what can happen. If you never believe in yourself no one will. You have to own what you say, what you’re passionate about, and go for it.

Check out Teenear on instagram, twitter, or spotify to learn more about her amazing journey!

Author: Deepti Hossain
Author Email:
Author Bio: Deepti is an intern for Harness Magazine and a Journalism student at Ohio State. She loves her 3 Fs (french fries, fruits and feminism), pop culture, social justice and dance. Contact her if there’s a special woman, with a special story that she can write about on Harness Magazine.
Link to social media or website: Twitter @deeptih08

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