Thank You Daddy

I don’t hate men.

I just hate the things that some men do.

Because of men, I have no want for children.

Because of men, I have no want for a spouse.

Because of men, my greatest fear is being raped, and then after to feel the pangs of the baby I never wanted nor was I ready for.

Because of men, I am afraid to go out late at night.

Because of men, I trust no man.

And because of men, I sometimes hate men even though they don’t deserve it.

But I love men.

Thanks to my father, I now know that there are men who don’t beat their wives, and who don’t molest their daughters, and who don’t leave their sons for drugs.

Because of my father, I look forward to love and watching it grow like a rosebud, a pink one.

Because of my father, I feel safe around my crush, when he asks me to pass him the red oil pastel with the round paint brush.

Because of my father, I am now aware of the standards I have created for men.

Because of my father, I am not afraid of men.


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