Thank You For The Heartbreak

There’s was a time my mind wasn’t at rest

My heart was aching

My tears were falling endlessly

My soul was draining

But I couldn’t hate you

Because once upon a time you made me genuinely happy

You made me smile

You were my world

We  made beautiful memories

I couldn’t hate someone who was a part of my happiness

I couldn’t hate someone who was human just like I was

I couldn’t hate someone who needed to grow as a person and love himself first even if I wasn’t gonna be the person to help him

I couldn’t hate someone who wasn’t meant for me

I can only wish you best because we all deserve to be happy even if you brought me pain

Your pain was a blessing and new chapter of my discovery of self love

Without you I wouldn’t have known my own worth without you in my life

Because there were moments in my life I couldn’t breathe without you, I couldn’t live without you now, I couldn’t stop thinking about you

But now without you I never been stronger

Thank you for the opportunity to fall in love with you, to be completely vulnerable with another human being

Without you I wouldn’t have experienced being in love even if it was only a minute

So thank you for the heartbreak, for the lessons, thank you for the pain

Because without you I wouldn’t be the woman I am today

You were the chapter I needed to continue my story

So, Thank you for the heartbreak

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by Kmartina94

Hi my name is Katharyne Martina, I’m Dominican and Dutch. I’m a Poet and also an Aquarius. Writing has been an escape for me the last couple of years. When I’m in a place of darkness, gratitude, anxiety, happiness etc. writing always come into play. Writing is only time I’m the most transparent because that’s when my feelings are turned into art through words. Red my pieces by following on IG @KATHARYNEPOETRY

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