That Moment When

That moment when fear arises,

He gives me courage in the face of uncertainty.

That moment when anxiety crushes my chest,

He gives me a discerning, healing breath that calms my spirit.

That moment when darkness closes in on me,

He gives me light guiding my steps back to clarity and undauntedness.

That moment when hope is distant,

He gives me consolation and a renewed fervor for another day.

That moment when loneliness surrounds me,

He gives me the kindness and acceptance of a much needed embrace.

That moment when life’s heaviness becomes debilitating,

He gives me grace and mercy, lifting my burdens enough so to keep pushing.

That moment when sorrow and all its synonyms engulf my heart and spirit,

That’s when the greatest blessing that I could ever seek for meets me,

He gives me the peace that surpasses all understanding.

And so, I rise each morning with joy and readiness knowing that when that moment comes, I will be okay. I will persevere, as I always have.

by afoss

For myself writing has always been an outlet to
express, artfully and truthfully,
process, all the things that life brings,
and hopefully gift a message that uplifts the soul.
Here are thoughtfully formatted words from my heart to yours.


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