Kiarna Jayne

That static feelings when your leg is asleep

I can sit there. In a safe quiet room.

Trying to be honest. And not feel anything.

Everything bubbling underneath the surface.

A floodgate. A frozen lake.

An angry bear that doesn’t want to be poked.

I’d rather not let it go, it’s much more comfortable on my own.

Words like tangled yarn in my brain.

Knots, and frays and softness.

by carla.naylor

Growing up doing musical theater I always gravitated towards the art world. I've been writing poetry my whole life but didn't know it.

Having a home filled with spirituality and Judaism have given me an outlook on life that wouldn’t have otherwise. My religion has given me strength, knowledge, and wisdom that helps me appreciate the sunshine each day and feel the emotions I put into my writing.


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