that’s gonna have to do

just a fatherless girl

full of aching,

not understanding

how could i not

be wanted?

my stepfather loves me,

but it isn’t a love

that can cut across the chasm

of being rejected;

and unwanted

by your own blood kin—

maybe that’s why

i push everyone away

when they get too close

i am too afraid to let them in

because they might chose

to leave me

like he did before

i ever existed,

and how much must my heart ache and love

for people who don’t reciprocate

how i feel?

“you’re not as pure driven white as the snow.”

i know, i have sharp edges;

fiery and fierce

i am not a language everyone understands,

but i tried being meek and humble

no one would listen then;

so i leaned into my magic and my power

realizing my voice was strong and i liked this strength

because i never had to rely on anyone

like the type of father who makes his daughter fatherless—

so go ahead and hate me,

i love me and that’s gonna have to be enough.


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