The Advantages of Female Leadership

Did you know that, out of five senior executives, only one is female? Why is that?


For years, women were dissuaded from entering STEM, business, and other male-dominated fields. The rising generation is reversing this trend, but some organizations still hesitate to follow suit. Simply put, these companies don’t see a connection between female management and the bottom line.


Many organizations don’t realize that women can be a substantial force for good in leadership positions.


To begin, let’s talk about brainstorming and problem-solving. When the committees, teams, or department heads get together to embark on one of these paths, they can find increased benefits in an inclusive group. Everyone sees things differently, especially when varying in gender or ethnicity. Putting all of those different brains together encourages outside-the-box thinking.


This well-rounded approach means a group can make an educated decision, which breeds accomplishment.


Secondly, let’s take a moment to discuss emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is reflected in an individual’s approach to life, professional or personal, and how they handle situations. Some skills displaying emotional intelligence are critical thinking, an ability to collaborate, and strong communication skills.


Studies have shown that women frequently surpass men in these skills; skills crucial to being a good leader. While important, technical knowledge isn’t enough to be management material. More companies are beginning to realize the importance of emotionally intelligent leadership.


How does this relate to fiscal success? In a team setting, a good leader can boost employee morale. The happier they are, the more effective their work is, decreasing wasted time and money.


Yet, there’s something more important than the bottom line – ethics.


Women are often perceived as more ethical and trustworthy than their male counterparts. Having this moral core is crucial to an organization’s success, especially when building relationships with clients or other businesses.


Socially responsible companies are in demand. Women can play a huge role in establishing and maintaining these fragile reputations. Organizations must prioritize social responsibility for their own health, and the health of everyone they influence.


Female leadership will probably continue to rise in the coming years. Their communication skills, ability to collaborate, ethical nature, and emotional intelligence make female leaders invaluable.


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by EmberConley

Ember Conley is a trained education administrator, social-emotional expert, and child champion located in Salt Lake City, UT. She's passionate about a range of topics including women in leadership, being a working parent, and educating others on the opioid epidemic and the role schools and parents need to play in fighting it.

The education system isn't just a place to send children to school and hope that everything turns out for the best. Ember doesn't believe everything can be resolved at home, either. She's a passionate advocate for striking a balance between school, work, and home life, all while partnering with others involved in our lives.


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