The Battle

You took it all

And ran away

Hoping to leave me

With nothing to fill the day

The strength I held

Was set aside

With hopes you might 


Your own strength inside.

But fear

of becoming more

Halted this quest

You found it easier

To make me less. 

To shrink me down

To trophy size

To fit in your world

Built by lies.

A world where

Your words

Are the law.

A world where charity

Can only be done at a ball.

You may laugh

And think you’ve won.

But the war has only now begun.

Though you think my words unsaid, it was you, not I,

Who from battle fled.

by Katpeeps

Katherine and her two dogs live in Narnia, which she's currently found in Atlanta, GA. She believes all true art is incarnational and life was meant to be our greatest work of art. She received her two dogs in the city of Houston and her BA in English from its university (University of Houston).


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