The Beauty Inside the Pandemic

Reminding myself that IT’S OKAY if I don’t know how to feel right now. Every day is different. Some days, I hop out of bed with SO much spark. Other days, it’s a drag (…literally!!) Some days, I blast music and karate-chop my way through a to-do list. Other days, I sit in total silence on my bed, searching the room for a pen to even get started. I put on jeans twice this week (#winning), but mainly it’s comfy-couture over here, and what we once knew as the “messy bun” has never seen the likes of what I’m rockin’ most days.

But gosh, the more I hear the term “global pandemic,” the more I think about how this time we’re living in it will, one day, hold space in a history book or a health book. HOW CRAZY IS THAT?! I can’t help but think about my niece, or even my future children, learning about this time. About the year 2020. And sure, the textbooks will have all of the scientific evidence and numerical facts about Covid-19 at their disposal. But I’ll have the opportunity to share some of the beautiful experiences of that really scary time.

Like how people showed up stronger for one another. Whether it was through food drives, support groups, or simply nightly applause for front line workers. We came together to spread hope and joy as best we could. We just loved people better. 

Or how we discovered ways to creatively connect. We relied heavily on Zoom and Youtube for human interaction and our schedules were so overwhelmed with face-to-face opportunities during the week. Weddings were attended via a computer screen or drive-in style. We participated in drive-by birthday processions and baby showers and virtual happy hours totally became a thing. And from pre-K to doctoral programs, students everywhere became familiar with “distance learning.”

How churches expanded beyond the buildings and found ways to reach many hearts and many homes, almost every day of the week.

How the margin was created in our lives. How the lockdown allowed us to check our priorities and make room for what we truly needed, truly prayed for, and truly valued.

And how we embraced imperfection and uncertainty and learned to find gratitude for leisures we once took for granted.

Yeah, I may not be able to verbalize exactly what I’m feeling most days, but I sure am extra grateful for these beautiful moments that remind me of the importance of this historic time.

If you like this article, check out: https://www.harnessmagazine.com/the-new-normal-what-covid-19-lockdown-has-taught-us/

by shoplovemo

I'm Monique! A corporate meeting & event planner by day and creative entrepreneur by night, I launched LoveMo in 2019, a company devoted to to self-care, empowering women through curated gift boxes and encouraging resources. I'm an enneagram 2 and have fully embraced my deep desire for strong and meaningful relationships, committing to help others pour into self in order to show up better in their own relationships. When I'm not in the center of a women's circle or social event, I'm an introverted homebody and likely reading, writing, dancing or singing somewhere (...car karaoke is my jam!). I live in beautiful San Diego, California, but am always dreaming of new places to escape to. 


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