The beauty of Melanin is embraced!

Society talks but we don’t have to listen.

They look down on our natural features yet we forever the center of attention— for the sunshine makes our skin glow, our skin so deep and our shades so dope.

You are a queen never be afraid to be seen

Show your hair in it’s natural state and own it,

It defies gravity and that’s the fun of it.

Whip out that curly crown while that creamy vanilla to ebony shade skin pops.

Haven’t you heard, the darker the berry the sweeter the seed

Flaunt your shade, is it honey brown, cocoa,caramel?

Or is it toffee,coffee,chocolate?

It doesn’t matter

Bask in your melanin glow Queen,

Your brown skin is a symbol of superiority,

Your crown falls with grace and curls with pride!!!

by Nicole M

I’m Nicole Moyo,
Born and bred in South Africa currently live in DC.
I’m a creative writer.
Writing is my first love!A part of me.
I hide behind the pen to express my truth and my inner thoughts.

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