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corner man


In boxing they have a term called “The Corner Man.” This individual acts like a coach. He stands in the corner observing, analyzing, putting days, months, years even of hard work into action just to make sure his teammate wins the battle. Most people overlook this team member even though they are perhaps the most vital part of the team. The boxing athlete returns to their side time and time again. Refueling them with words of empowerment. Motivation. Encouragement. To fight. Fight. Fight. Win. Win. Win. Squirt some water into the athlete’s mouth and all eyes are off of The Corner Man and back on the boxer fighting the fierce battle.

What most oversees is the critical part in the entire match The Corner Man plays. The entire time this individual is analyzing not only their teammate, but also the enemy.
How they dodge the right hook. When they duck. How their feet move. All the while he is calculating and readjusting how his teammate should respond to these maneuvers to be successful.

Before the match The Corner Man is a key player in the diet routine of the boxer. Macros here. Micros there. Make sure to hit your fiber goal for the day. Equipping his teammate to be as strong and healthy when he faces his battle.

The Corner Man plays the role of psychologist. When the fear of losing a match looms over their teammate — they are the go to. They listen to the worries. Then they chase out that anxiety and replace it with confidence. The Corner Man believes in you. In the heat of battle, he will be there to support you. He is there to give you insight on how to win the match. When you get a cut on your head – he is there to patch it up. Repair you to continue on in the fight.

Sometimes I think life feels like a boxing match. We are fighting one on one with the stress of life throwing swings at our moral; our desperate desire to just survive. Tough bosses slamming impossible expectations down in front of us. Left hook. How about friendships torn apart by gossip and lies? Right hook. Or what about yet another failed relationship – what is wrong with us? What did we do so wrong to make it so hard to be loved? Upper cut. And knock out.

It’s during these times that we wish we had what professional boxers have, A Corner Man. Someone to turn to for advice. Someone who has been studying the enemy and knows how they work, and can give insight on how to get back up and carry on the good fight.

I do not write to you to tell you that I have the sure fire way to find yourself A Corner Man. That is, you follow these four simple steps you will find yourself refueled and ready to fight another battle. But I am here to tell you that I think in order for you to find yourself A Corner Man you need to be that person for yourself. In order for us to be able to successfully find the people we need in our lives to keep us encouraged and motivated to fight for our dreams and successes we need to be able to find our own inner fight. Our own inner desires to be kindled and pushed forward by that Corner Man.

Perhaps we can do this by simply being A Corner Man for the loved ones in our lives. The term “Simply” understates that this task may be very challenging. By agreeing to be A Corner Man for someone in our life we are deciding that we are going to stand by him or her in the heat of the battle. We are deciding that we are dedicated to equipping them for the fights they have in front of them. We are deciding that even if every single bone in our body wants to jump in that ring and fight the battle for them – we might have to sit in the corner and watch them get beat up. It’s The Corner Man’s job to rebuild them. It’s the Corner Man’s responsibility to patch up their teammate. Keep their desire to fight alive. Nurture their spirit in a way that keeps them from staying down when their feet fall from under them.

It’s risky. Putting your heart on your sleeve. Letting someone know your weaknesses and strengths. Life is too short to not take a risk every once in a while. Let your Corner Man in so they can help you fortify your gifts and turn your weaknesses into powers.
So today I challenge you to be A Corner Man. Be A Corner Man you wished you had in your life. Energy breeds energy. Good vibes attract good vibes. Just as honey attracts bees – by emitting the characteristics of the person you want in your corner I bet sooner or later you will find that in the heat of your next battle, just over your left shoulder will be your Corner Man.

Author: Amanda Lemay
Bio: Aspiring leader, status quo eliminator, trying to be the change I wish to see in the world. Life is too short to not make bold steps and live with “Oh wells” instead of “What ifs?” Carpe Diem.
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