The Cursed Woman

If she’s on a dating app, they’ll say she sleeps around.

If she posts a selfie, they’ll say she’s full of herself.

If she wears colorful clothes, they’ll say she isn’t professional.

If she talks about sports, they’ll say she isn’t “girly” enough.

If she wears a lot of makeup, they’ll say she’s too fake.

If she reads a lot, they’ll assume she is quiet, soft-spoken.

If she’s loud at bars, they’ll say she’s not classy.

If she stands up for herself, they’ll say she’s too emotional.


The portrait of a woman has been created by men.

And one day, she’ll be strong enough to take their paint away.

by veronicavalerakis

I am a recent college graduate from Adelphi University, where I majored in English and received a minor in Public Service. I am currently a paralegal for a law firm on Long Island. I enjoy writing poetry because it allows me to share my experiences as a young, American woman pursuing a career in both politics and writing.

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