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The Female Body

“Each female body contains a female brain.” Growing up, I am always taller than the rest of the girls, I liked to run, to jump, to swim which made my thighs masculine, my shoulders broad which are considered ugly to a female body, my parents ask me to stop eating so much at dinner. I thought I am fat which I am not when I look back at my childhood pictures, I was a very healthy kid and I liked to exercise and had a good appetite, that is it. I didn’t care until middle school, one summer I decided to lose weight, I remembered my mom saying that once a female start dieting it is a life long journey. I remember it to this day. I starved myself so I can weigh the same as a girl that is way shorter than me, when puberty hit I hated my body. I would run in my neighborhood every night and weigh myself every morning, I would do so many sit-ups that my back hurt the next day in class. Now when I think about that, I am so mad about the way I treated my own body. My female body gives me strong thick thighs, my female body gives me beautiful perky breasts, my female body gives me a stacked stomach that may even carry a child one day if I want to. My female body supports me, supports my brain to accomplish whatever I want in life because I can do so. I didn’t know better when I was young and now I try and treat my body with good care. Stop being so hard on yourselves, you are beautiful.


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by ye

Hey, I am Ye. I am currently a student at the Fashion Institute of technology I am minoring an English major and I would love to get more serious in writing.


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