The Fruits of Breaking Up

To be honest-When we are in a relationship that we really want to work, we try to avoid the truth. The truth about our partners but most importantly the truth about ourselves. It’s easy to victimize ourselves and point all the reason why a relationship didn’t work on another person. I want to encourage anyone who is going through a break up, deciding if they want to break up or on the verge to BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF. I had to understand that I love love. And I love relationships. All my life I’ve been using people to create what I want, at the time I want it but then get disappointed that the other person isn’t trying to create this imaginary love story with me. BE HONEST. WITH YOURSELF FIRST AND OTHERS. If you can be dishonest with yourself then maybe you need to start with you. Ask yourself this question:

1)What are you pretending not to know?

You can only experience the fruits of a break up if you are willing to be honest. Only then will you discover who you are and not blame yourself for others hurting you. Every new discovery about yourself is a fruit

by Mcashima

My name is Cashima Major
I am 30 year old african american women
who loves writing poetry and inspirational pieces to empower other women and readers who can connect with my work.

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