Mental Health

The Good Decision

Each day gets better and better and with you all things are made new.

The smile that you carried upon your face and love by so many people too. 

You are so amazing and super crazy but no one can compare to you.

Happiness and being full of joy are a choice that we all have to decide to walk in, but purpose speaks louder than words which makes you different.

I am so thankful for you and your kind heart, and so many other things that will never part.

A new way is on the move because you, my friend have nothing to lose. 

It’s a new day and a new morning to start over new.

Oh my goodness, I am truly excited for you. 

The next time you are down and don’t know what to do, 

Hang in there my friend and try to make the best decision for you.

by BeautifulRosa

Hello my name is Rene' Trevillion and I am a mother of three grown children. I am 48 years old and was raise up as a kid in Lincoln Nebraska, The winter time is the most enjoyable moment of my life. I get the opportunity to drink more coffee and tea with love ones. I love reading and writing inspirational words to help me along my journey. I like creative ideas, entertaining people and bringing hope and joy to individual lives.

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