The Humor Of Motherhood

Motherhood is a complicated, messy job. There are a lot of ups and downs, and it’s easy to get caught up in if you’re doing it right. But here’s the thing, we’re all figuring it out as we go and are learning on the job. This is a whole new thing, not only for you, but also to your little one. Instead of getting yourself worked up on all the things you’re doing wrong, I’ve found it helpful to look at how hilarious it is to be a mom. There are so many ridiculous things that happen on a daily basis, so why not embrace it and laugh at your silly, new life.

Here are some examples:

  • Guess that stain – who knew you could have so much fun trying to figure out if that brown spot on your shirt is coffee or poop!
  • Mama Bear Mentality/Strength – how your new super power can protect your baby by lifting a bus, or you can stop a car going 50 mph…well, probably not but I bet you would try if it was heading toward your baby.
  • Hygiene is a luxury – really enjoying the moments when you’re able to have a long hot shower by yourself.
  • Sleep is for the weak – when you’re up at all hours of the night, just remember how sexy those vampires in “True Blood” and “Twilight” are, and think about how cool it is that you’re one of them now.
  • Boob Juice – the power of the boobs. Who thought this body part that used to be sexy, becomes a machine that bulks up your baby to fighting weight?
  • New best friend who thinks you’re hilarious – who doesn’t want an audience who laughs at all your jokes? It’s a comedians dream!
  • Finding your league of other extraordinary moms – finding the right moms that feel the same way as you can really help your mental anxiety of motherhood. Just being able to talk shop about things like your new vagina, and if your baby also does this weird thing, really puts your mind at ease.
  • Building an awesome human – just think. We are making the next generations of humans with their own dreams, opinions and ambitions. It’s pretty cool that we get to be there at the beginning to show them the way, and to hopefully help them become decent human beings.


It’s easy to get stressed about being a new mom and trying to get everything right. But if you get caught in the spiral of perfection, you miss out on all the hilarious amazing things that happen when raising a kid. Sure, I worry as much as the next mom, frantically looking up symptoms on google to make sure my little dude doesn’t have some weird disease and reading all the parenting books. It’s hard not to when we live in a world of too much information and knowledge. But then I remind myself that people have been successfully raising children forever and to just go with my instincts because they’re usually right.

When I first had my little sidekick, River, I was overwhelmed with excitement and fear, as many first time moms probably are. I was so excited to get him out into the world, but when he finally got here, I just wanted to shove him back inside myself because protecting him was a lot easier. There’s a world full of danger and things that could hurt him, and I didn’t want that to happen. I was scared to take him out because who knew if a bear got loose from the zoo and was on a feeding frenzy! But again, I had to relax and understand that there are these dangers everyday, but sheltering him would be unfair, and he would miss out on all the magical experiences found in the world. Humor helps me stop the anxiety spiral, and gives me back my energy for the things that matter most, like finally figuring out what IS that stain?



Author: Stacie Sells
Email: staciesells4@gmail.com
Author Bio: Stacie is a red-haired, quarter Japanese weird-o who recently popped out a tiny human whose changed her whole world. She loves cats, musicals and sparkly things and figuring out how to incorporate all of those into her daily routine. She enjoys watching movies/tv and writing funny sketches that she hopes will be on stage or performed at some point in her life, even if it’s just her and her cats/kid.
Link to social media or website: https://www.leagueofextraordinarymamas.com/




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  1. Hygiene is a luxury!!! Yes. Finding humor and a support system is so important. I have toddlers so personal space is also a luxury. Great article

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