The Importance of Loving Yourself

There are many posts on the internet concerning self-love, and there are designated sections in most bookshops now, full of guides on how to practice self-care. Rightly so. Self-love is an art form in itself.

Throughout our lives, it’s seemingly ingrained within us that we must better ourselves. We must do well. We must aim higher. We can always work harder. Yet like everything in life, balance is required. Placing too much focus upon thoughts which are directed towards only improving yourself can become all-consuming and unhealthy. It can be counter-productive and result in an act of neglect towards ourselves, pushing ourselves too far, burning out and self-loathing. Know that you are enough. You always have been, and always will be.

Self-love is a constant process that you need to keep working towards and chipping away at. Self-love is not a destination, rather, it is something that you have to maintain. Think of self-love like a plant: in order for a plant to grow up tall and have buds bloom into flowers, you must water and nourish and look after it. Similarly, you should remember to shower yourself in love in order to blossom into the best version of yourself.

Our thoughts are like food for our mind, so we should be feeding our minds with the best thoughts possible in order to live fully and well. Allow your best, brightest and happiest thoughts to manifest. Focus on optimism and love. Focus on gratitude. Know that you have the control that is needed to throw away any thoughts which are embedded in fear and negativity. Recognize when they begin to creep up on you and actively will them away, tell them to get out of your head. If you have formerly created any sort of negative thought pattern, you have the power to change and alter it. You have every power and strength within you to create new, fresh, beautiful and loving thought patterns. In fact, these thought patterns have always been within you, you just need to learn to accept and embrace them.

Break up with and dump any bad feelings or thoughts about yourself as if they were a toxic partner, and let yourself know that you are a strong, incredible, wondrous human being. Remind yourself of this every day, first thing in the morning and last thing at night. No matter what happens in your day-to-day life, talk to yourself and think of yourself like you would a close friend. Uplift yourself with care and love and positivity.

To a certain extent, human beings are told and taught how to take care of themselves, but in my experience, we have not been taught to take care of our emotional selves. This doesn’t make any sense, especially when we’re very susceptible of falling into the trap of comparing and doubting ourselves, which is so detrimental to our minds and overall wellbeing. So much so, it can begin to affect our physical selves too.

So, please praise and accept yourself. This is one of the greatest aspects of self-love. It’s vital to remember and persevere telling yourself that you are enough—that you do and will continue to do amazing things. It’s important to look after and love yourself. By doing so, you will feel empowered, confident and at peace. You deserve to feel good within yourself—to treat yourself as kindly as you treat others. Spread your light not only to those you care about, but to yourself as well.

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by hannahbaxter

I am a journalism graduate and currently studying international relations. Writing has always been such a passion of mine and a core part of my life and I hope to find any way to further pursue it and spread positivity with it wherever I go 🙂

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