The Lessons I Hope We Learn

When all the panic and hysteria started for our current pandemic, I remember one March day I felt a forceful yet peaceful burst of positive energy that made me realize that no matter what I was going through in this moment that better days were coming. I’ve tried to hold onto this threads and fibers of hope through all of this.

I won’t lie and say I haven’t worried and I don’t still worry sometimes because I do. It’s a stressful time, and I’m an essential worker. But I try to imagine the things that I will do once this is all over.

I’m both anxious and excited at the prospect to see my friends and family again.

But as I watch protesters take to the streets, trying to get everything opened back up; all I can think of how foolish this is. I realize that quarantine can be trying and boring and difficult for those who suffer with their mental health, but there’s also a value in remaining still and staying indoors.

I’ve seen so many reports that the Earth is healing as we remain indoors so perhaps not all of this is for naught.

I hear the birds singing, I see the flowers blooming, and I see life returning to the trees whose branches have long been barren. I cannot help but have hope.

Once this is all over I hope that there is a revival of love. That we keep doing things to rejuvenate the earth and ourselves.

I also hope that we remember to take and make time for ourselves and the things that make us happy, too. I hope that we remember the fragility of life and tell each other how we feel more often. I hope we realize how lucky we were to have survived because not everyone has, and I hope that we take some changes to ensure that everyone gets the medical and healthcare that we need.

I hope that we hold the people that kept businesses open during these trying times accountable for their actions and for their greed, I hope that we never forget that a human life is worth more than any amount of money.


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