The Love We Never Share



Forgive as our Father would.

Easier said than done.


But I don’t like leaving things undone,

Says I,

With half painted books and

Unwritten skies.

But closure

Is what I strive




It’s led me here.

Your vocabulary was impressive,

But why’d you have to be so…

Thoughtlessly dismissive?

Careless and bitter and oppressive?

I know where I get my bad habits from —

At least my mother gave me compassion.


So, that’s what I have now,

And despite your unforgiveness,

I hope you did forgive.

My mother says you loved me,

But I guess you wanted me to do

The giving.


Old man, what’d you expect?

Your blood is my blood.

I forgive but I can’t forget,

And you don’t have to say it twice,

You know, ’cause I got it from you.

Once my mind is made up,

There’s nothing in the world you can do

To sway me or bend me or break me.


But oh,

Your blood is my blood.

And we will forever be connected.

At least my mother taught me


To ease out this rigidity,

These edges that soften for


Just a moment,

So I can forgive and move on —



Try, just try,

For once in your life,

Forget the world that you bear,

Keep those words to yourself,

And give me the love you never share.








by chasitybleu

Chasity Bleu is a self-taught artist pursuing a degree in Anthropology. She writes poetry, lyrics, essays, and has many novels in progress. She draws inspiration from all the things she loves: the Creator, humankind, Mother Earth, and love itself, representing all these in her art. Her paintings can be seen in We'Moon 2019 and 2020 datebooks, and she also runs an Etsy shop where she sells prints and originals. Find her on Instagram @silvansongpoetry & @chasitybleuart.


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