The Medusa Collection

The statue was remarkably real looking. It was on display in The Art Museum, a new piece. An anonymous art collector had dropped off several statues at the Museum the month prior. Many were grey and marble looking, but the color was starting to brighten. This man, with the stone blindfold, was becoming more and more real looking by the day. The blindfold started to look more like cloth, the skin had defined pores and discoloration. The curator had inspected the conditions of their environment, but nothing seemed off or out of the ordinary. They called it the Medusa Collection.

by MaileStarr

Hi! My name is Maile. I'm a 21 year-old woman who is working to become an author. I believe that storytelling is the best way to teach and the best way to learn. When I have free time, I enjoy reading, singing, crafting posts for my Instagram, and everything nerdy! I specialize in young adult, satire, and flash fiction writing. I'm a proud Colorado native who wants to see and try everything the world has to offer.


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