The most wonderful time of the year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

When everyone is filled with merry, jolly, & cheer!

But what about us?

The ones who are hurt, not fully healed, & growing…

It’s that time of the year to feel thankful and presented here.

If you don’t know how to feel this way,

**That’s okay**

We’re not okay.

We are here, in this year,

Where life has felt deeply & genuinely surreal. 

The expectation of joy,

Can be shut and closed behind the door.

Feel what you feel,

& let all those feelings feel real.

Feel joy.

Feel pain.

Feel excited.

Feel dread.

Feel happy.

Feel sad.

Feel elated.

Feel mad.

Feel, feel, feel, feel,

Feel to finally start to heal.

Feel it all 

Feel it now 

Feel until you realize, it’s almost as though your heart forgot how… 

The expectation to only feel merry and bright,

Feels like a surefire way to shut our true feelings out.

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by Adelorenzo25

I believe life is all about lessons. I think we learn the most about ourselves through the experiences we encounter and that's what I like to write about. Writing for me is a way to process. A way to feel. A way to get down and dirty, and most of all, real.

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