The New Civil War

North and South Korea worry me much less than the new civil war within the United States. Since 1953, North and South Korea have been quite paralyzed, but with recent efforts to find common ground, it is apparent that these regions have cultural interests that are not mutually exclusive.  Unlike male and female entities in the United States where tensions are rising in the aftermath of the Me Too Movement.

Our country is half-accepting of a lack of integrity and outright falsifications from the leader of the free world. Not only does everyone seem to look the other way with regards to rape in pageants, despicable behavior in social media and complete government corruption, but the country embraces child sex slavery and looks a blind eye to the powerful internet predators and trolls with cash in hand.

We should rename our great nation the United States of Child Slavery. This is what we proudly represent and support. It is NOT one nation, under GOD. We are living in the underworld and wallowing in a world of selfish, male-based propaganda.

When women are still working for half the pay of men and doing the work of several, our progress seems small. The child rearing, the house cleaning, the economic disadvantages and the boys’ club that remains intact makes it difficult to see the change.

How is it possible that children are trafficked for sex on publications such as Backpage and Craigs List? Why are strip clubs and escort services permitted to stay in business? Is this the new morality of the United States?

The recent Netflix production “I Am Not An Easy Man” depicts men thrown into a society that is matriarchal and challenging.  It leaves viewers feeling uneasy as it is an edgy portrayal of life as a woman, but reality is much scarier than fiction.  This is what life has been like for women for decades and it is just now beginning to ooze out into society.

I am much less worried about nuclear weapons being exchanged between North and South Korea than I am worried about functioning in a patriarchal society where women are scorned.




Author: Sean Ashleigh Russell
Email: seanashleighrussell@outlook.com
Author Bio: Sean Ashleigh Russell is an American who lived in Barcelona, Spain for 15 years and now resides in Nashville, Tennessee.  She is author of “Getting Fired Up” and is active writer, mother and community fundraiser.
Link to social media or website: http://www.ashleighrussell.com


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