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Fear creeps in

As the daylight fades

Twilight comes along

Bringing with it the blades.

The back rests and the battle begins

The same teams, the same fight

As the insomniac in you fidgets

You know its only keeping you up with fright

Toss and turn around in bed

Was it the body shaming at work?

Was it the 3-year-old break up at the back of your head?

Was it the coldness in your flatmate’s smirk?

You know the teams are stronger tonight.

Those love handles seem to love you too much

Those dark circles ain’t gonna get any better

Those sickening stares across the street make you feel so stuck

All those “haters gonna hate” don’t get you any closer.

A sudden clank in the hallway pulls you out of your covers

“Anabelle?” “Bathsheeba?” You wonder which ones at your door

And then you find yourself laughing

Could they be any worse than those in a man’s head?

You ponder and ponder

And you think of the morrow

I am gonna slip into slumber

Ain’t got no time for sorrow

You know life has been kind to you

And you know you aint returning the favour

Why doesn’t the insomniac ever get tired

Why do the same tedious battles don’t let you sleep for few

Why doesn’t the night ever get old

You think!

And that’s another hour’s sleep in the drain!

You think some more! Why? How? When?!

And thats a week’s rest gone with a stain!

A boon and a bane

Curb it here and curb it now

The “overthinker” ain’t gonna show you any love.

Author: Anusha Akella
Author Bio: A 25 year old amateur writer, exploiting the therapeutic facet of  expression in the form of text.
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