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The Pain Behind The Smile!

The mornings are new everyday with a the emotional pain that is hidden behind a beautiful smile. A smile that can change the world in the matters of minutes is truly amazing but the emotional pain that we all faced everyday is truly hidden from the ones most closest to us. We go about our day facing the challenges of taking care of our children, cooking, shopping at different stores, talking with our spouses, checking on our parents, being the aunt to our nieces and nephews, reading a book or just maybe even working on a job. The pain is truly real and its hidden behind the smile.

We start to seek out different books, magazines, TV programs, or just maybe a good friend or doctor to speak with so we can make the pain better but the questions that we have inside will anything will ever work on this emotional pain.

Now I know you all are wonder, what is the pain? The pain of an broken heart of disappointment. Disappointment of losing a love one, a broken relationship that you don’t think that can ever be repaired, or just even having your boyfriend leaving you. It all plays in different area of our lives. We have to get pass it though.

Let’s try to start each day off with a good day so we don’t have to hide behind our smile is a good start.

Get a good cup of coffee and a good song to bring you out will help some as well.

Try to do your best to stay positive because its only temporary. It seemed like it will last a long time but It will not. Be positive because it will be all over soon.

by BeautifulRosa

Hello my name is Rene' Trevillion and I am a mother of three grown children. I am 48 years old and was raise up as a kid in Lincoln Nebraska, The winter time is the most enjoyable moment of my life. I get the opportunity to drink more coffee and tea with love ones. I love reading and writing inspirational words to help me along my journey. I like creative ideas, entertaining people and bringing hope and joy to individual lives.

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