The Recovery

It was on that day

When it happened,

When no one saw it coming

Our lives were forever changed.


Life did not go the way

It was supposed to be

None would have expected it,

The unexpected.


As time has passed

After a long journey we fought,

We waited to see

To see if the war was over.


For the first time,

For what it seems like forever

We see the light,

The light that shines upon us.


It was over before we know it,

After years of suffering

We looked at each other

For what it seems like forever.


The road to recovery is a long one

For all what matters now

Is that we have each other

On a journey towards recovery.

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by vcgregorio

Valerie Gregorio is currently pursuing a Master's in Business Administration at the University of Maryland, Global Campus. She is a recent college graduate from St. Mary's College of Maryland who majored in Public Policy and minored in Political Science, Sociology, and Dance. Valerie's work has been featured on the Odyssey Online, Metiza Magazine, and Her Culture. She serves as a Social Media Manager for both Her Culture and Her Track online magazines. She also serves as a Policy Committee Member with March for Our Lives Maryland. During her spare time, she likes to write, dance, listen to music, and visit coffee cafes. She hopes to work for the federal government in Washington, DC one day. Even though she is from rural Maryland, she is always consider a DC city girl since she likes to explore the city when she gets the chance.

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