The Second Coming

An apocalyptic flash fiction

The sky had glowed golden. A beam descended from the clouds, golden and glittery. Some were terrified, others were in awe. Everyone was certain that they had seen God. He had reached through their city and blessed them all. 

That didn’t prepare them for the sky to then burn a radioactive yellow and for the clouds to blacken and descend on them all. The clouds zipped down until they touched the ground, destroying everything in their path. Some tried to hide in their cellars, others simply wailed helplessly in the streets. 

Now everyone was certain. They had seen the Devil.

by MaileStarr

Hi! My name is Maile. I'm a 21 year-old woman who is working to become an author. I believe that storytelling is the best way to teach and the best way to learn. When I have free time, I enjoy reading, singing, crafting posts for my Instagram, and everything nerdy! I specialize in young adult, satire, and flash fiction writing. I'm a proud Colorado native who wants to see and try everything the world has to offer.


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