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The Struggle of Depression & High Functioning Anxiety

Depression and anxiety mean different things to different people. Some people can’t go to work, school, or live their daily lives like normal people because their performance suffers significantly. Someone with high functioning anxiety and depression, being stationary at home is not an option. They can still function in life but it’s not easy.
You constantly feel as though you are faking it and are so used to acting a certain way that others expect to see. Living with high functioning anxiety and depression is hard because you always have to “prove” you are struggling just for someone to believe you are struggling. Even though you are getting things done to your highest potential, most assume you are fine or not struggling because they do not visibly see it.
You push through the mornings like normal and be around people. You push through the afternoons and evenings, have a few conversations, and even fake a laugh or two.  However, this sometimes hides a full range of emptiness inside.
When you have those bad days, they are terrible. You fight to get up in the morning. You don’t want to talk or be bothered with anyone but have to. Some days just to feel normal making you more talkative and loud. You don’t want to make things more complicated than they are.
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by LunaNightingale

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